Default Apps not installing on Android OS 11

Hello All,

I Just got in a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, When I add it  with system apps enabled the system apps are missing.

The big app that is missing is the Samsung Galley app.

The play store says it not available on this device, 

If I set the phone up without enrolling it all the system apps install.

Any help would be appreciated,


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  • Hi All,

    This is an update about the said issue.

    We have started the staged release of the client resolving this issue.
    Within Stage 1 of the release users located in Austria, Hungary, and United Arab Emirates will receive the update.

    The new client has version 9.7.3767

    To make the System apps appear again customers can use the following process:

    - Update the client on the affected devices
    - After the client is updated, make any change in the applied Android Enterprise policy
    - Save the change
    - Open the Sophos Mobile Control app and synchronize
    - After a few seconds the System Apps should appear on the device

    It is planned to continue with the next staged rollout beginning of next week.
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