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Issues blocking imessage

Im testing out MDM for a new client and im having issues blocking texting/imessage via MDM. I verified the iphone device is supervised. I double checked my policies and ensured "Allow imessage" wasnt enable. On the phone i am able to still text on it. Am i missing something here? 

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  • if you dont want any type of texting i would suggest to remove the text app from the device.

  • we still want to be able to text message and rather disable imessage. i would like to disable imesage instead of uninstalling it manually (if you can even do that) or disabling it manually as this defeats the purpose of mdm

  • im guessing here but suspect your devices are not supervised, to disable imessage via mdm policy the devices need to be supervised, if they are not they policy wont disable it on the device as the device needs to be in an elevated level of management, in the restriction policy each configuration that has supervised after it requires it for the policy option to work.

  • or you may have a conflicting policy which is enabling it. to confirm devices are supervised open settings and look at the top of the screen. or it will say in the MDM object in smc if the device is supervised.

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