Windows devices unable to sync with Sophos Central Admin, but appear as synced in Windows Settings

Recently we've had a few Windows devices that have failed to fully enroll in Sophos Mobile. Windows will recognize that they are connected to the Sophos MDM, but will fail to sync with the Sophos Server and will appear as un-managed and non-compliant as a result. The status within the Sophos Admin Center will show the device as "enrolling" (when hovering over the red-X), but won't fully complete the enrollment process. I have tried removing the MDM from within Windows Settings, deleting the device from within the admin panel, and then re-enrolling the device though that doesn't fix the issue. In some cases, Windows refuses to remove the MDM from within settings. 

Some people within our organization have multiple machines, in which I will enroll each machine separately and have them run separate configuration files for each device (manual enrollment seems to result in the same issue). Some people have accidentally used the same configuration file for different machines and usually this is when problems start to arise. I don't know if this is the exact cause of the problem, as I am unsure if each configuration file needs to be unique per machine and am having them do it this way just in case. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this issue / Removing the MDM completely so we can try again?