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Burn Device name or User Name or anything onto IOS lock screen

Hello, i was just wondering if this is possible yet to burn text onto an IOS lock screen?

i have raised this as a feature request about 2-3 years ago. it would be ideal if organisations can utilise this function using sophos Mobile, it has been possible with Intune and Airwatch for a number of years.

ideal to have lost devices find the way back home to the organisation.

it can be done by Apple configurator i know but we use DEP for all our iOS devices.

many thanks


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  • HI, each time i try and access this request i see the below message, is there something wrong? i can only access it from this portal notification screen.

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  • Hello Andrew Mullins,

    each time i try and access this request
    you mean if you try open this thread from the Mobile → Discussions page? As far as I can see there was a SPAM post that has been flagged and is awaiting appeal (the usual status of it's not outright deleted). Thus my question if the whole thread doesn't display or just a single post.


  • no its when i click the "open thread" option from the email responses i receive, just wanted to make sure i hadn't broken any rules of the forum. thanks