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Combining Android Enterprise and Android Workprofile?

(I also speak German)


I'm Testing Sophos Mobile Control at the moment and so far I kind of like it in terms of ease of use, enrollment and so on.

However, Android itself allows for using both Android Enterprise AND Android Enterprise Workprofiles.


I have tried the Sophos Container, but it is severly lacking, especially because (as it seems) you do not get proper Notifications over new Mails and it is not possible to Call out directly or just Sync the Names of contacts, i do not want to copy the contact information in to the device memory! That completely defeats the purpous!

The reason for why i want to do this is, we want to allow our employees who do not want to use two devices privat access to the devices, but WhatsApp for example would be blocked no matter what (Location gathering alone is reason enough, there are reasons why location data is extremely sensitive in our case). However, some of the users are not necessarily very tech savy and it has to be as easy as possible.

Having a separate Phone, Messages and Contacs app is perfectly fine.


As stated, Android itself allows exactly that, meaning a Managed Device having an additional Work Container. I also tried that with a Google Domain Account that is managed over Google Enterprise - works a treat, but we'd like to keep clutter as little as possible and having a GSuite is very...uh...let's say, inconvenient.


Is this somehow possible with Mobile Control? If not, sadly it's not the solution for us and we have to look elsewhere.


Thank you

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