Please read on for details of recent updates to Sophos Mobile.

  • Sophos User Activity Verification - We’re delighted to announce that SUAV is generally available and ready for integration with external workflow tools – see this article and guide for more details
  • iOS DEP enrolment supports Federated sign-in – Users can now use their Federated credentials as part of the DEP enrolment process, meaning a local self service portal account is no longer required – this article gives a walkthrough of DEP enrolment
  • Android 13 support – The latest version of Android has begun rolling out to devices - each of the Sophos Mobile apps supports Android 13
  • iOS app traffic filtering – Intercept X for Mobile web protection now filters app traffic - this is in addition to filtering browser traffic
  • Shutdown/restart commands – Admins can now remotely shutdown or restart Supervised iOS devices
  • Android app deployment redesign – Managed App configuration is now a pop-out and apps are assigned rather than tracked via tasks - see this page in the Admin guide for details

We have various resources available to help customers get up and running with securing devices. Please see below.