Sophos XDR

We’re excited to say that XDR functionality will be coming to Sophos Mobile early in the new year. Customers can upload Android, iOS and Chrome OS data to the Sophos XDR data lake, and correlate with information from other Sophos XDR enabled products. Data will be retained in the data lake for 30 days, enabling a historical view of events taking place on devices. Multiple pre-configured queries will be provided plus the ability for customers to edit or create their own queries. Scheduled queries and APIs are available to automate querying and reporting.

Look out for more details in the new year.

iOS Support

Modern iOS devices are eligible for an upgrade to iOS 14 or iOS 15 and we encourage customers to ensure their devices are updated. The next release of Sophos Mobile and Intercept X for Mobile will require iOS 14 as a minimum version. We plan to release these apps in the first few months of 2022.

Legacy Device Admin Functionality

Google has deprecated the legacy Device Admin management mode and is removing functionality. Any customers with remaining Device Admin devices should look to upgrade to Android Enterprise at the earliest opportunity. From April 2022, it will not be possible to deploy apps from outside the Google Play Store to Device Admin devices. Please see this article for more details.