Sophos home detects Generic PUA EM in a tool for a add on for a game that is like guitar hero, but with real guitar

It is detecting something bad in a toolkit for rocksmith for a addon for a game that is like guitar hero but with real guitar.


Potentially unwanted application cleaned up

This application is not malicious but has potentially unwanted behavior, such as adware


Generic PUA EM

/Volumes/Rocksmith Tools MOS Catalina/Rocksmith Tools macOS Catalina/Rocksmith

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    If you believe a detection was made in error please review the following KB for Requests to re-categorize by third parties for PUA/Adware detections (possible Deceptor component). Please check this article for more information. 


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  • The following have been identified as applications that would benefit from some level of control and will be added to the existing list. 

    Note: These applications will be automatically blocked for customers who have enabled the following optional setting in their Application Control policy for either Sophos Central or Enterprise Console:

    • Sophos Central: New applications added to this category by Sophos
    • Enterprise Console: All Added by Sophos in the future

    If you don’t want new applications to be automatically blocked the above setting can be disabled.

    This is a notification for the latest Application Control 5.94 data update, which is currently planned to be rolled out on the 19th July 2022. Occasionally the list changes slightly before the release date, there will be a follow-up update on the release date to confirm it has been released.

    Application name Type Owner
    FontForge DesignTool
    RemotePC  RemMan IDrive Inc.
    Microsoft AdmPwd UI PasswordTool Microsoft Corporation
    WaveBrowser Proxy Proxy Wavesor Software
    Terraria Game Re-Logic
    Sidekick Browser PushPlayLabs, Inc
    Avast Dump SecurityTool AVAST Software
    SwyxIt VOIP Swyx Solutions GmbH
    BurpSuite Browser PortSwigger Web Security
    Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional NetworkTool Tarlogic Research S.L.
    SyncFolders SystemTool Gert-Jan Weerheim
    WinAuth PasswordTool Colin Mackie
    BurpSuite Browser PortSwigger Web Security
    Android File Transfer P2P Android Militia Game