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Drovorub (or drovorun) Malware

We are trying to ascertain if the Sophos virus definition files contain a definition for Drovorub (or drovorun) Malware. It's Linux malware. This is not a zero day vulnerability. We need proof that we are being protected. I contacted Sophos support via ticket and the ticket was closed with the statement that I would have go to Sophos Labs. The lab site needs a file or a hash value of a sample of the malware. I called and was told there was no way to look up the malware by the name and I would have to submit a hash value or a sample of the malware. 

We don't have one so I can't comply. We are running Sophos Enterprise Console 5.5.1.  

Does anyone have any suggestions on who I can contact to find out what is in the virus definition files and if we are indeed protected from Drovorub (or drovorun) Malware for our Linux systems? 


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