Release update: The Planned release of new applications for the Application Control list has been slightly delayed to April 6th, 2021.


Application control is a Sophos security feature that lets you detect and block applications which are not a security threat, but that you may decide are unsuitable for use in the office. It is available in both Central and Enterprise Console managed environments.

Controlled applications are programs, such as VoIP, IM, P2P and games, that can be blocked or allowed for different groups of computers, depending on productivity or security concerns. The List of applications that have been identified as warranting some control is updated regularly by Sophos. This is to inform you of new applications being added to the list and may include existing applications that have undergone an update.

The following have been identified as applications that would benefit from some level of control and will be added to the existing list. 

Note: These applications will be automatically blocked for customers who have enabled the following optional setting in their Application Control policy for either Sophos Central or Enterprise Console:
  • Sophos Central: New applications added to this category by Sophos
  • Enterprise Console: All Added by Sophos in the future
If you do not want new applications to be automatically blocked the above setting can be disabled.

Application Control Updates Pre-Released

This is a pre-release notice for the Application Control 5.83 data which is currently planned to be rolled out on the 6th April 2021. Occasionally the list changes slightly before the release date, there will be a follow up update on release.

Application name



TCPIP Finger


Microsoft Corp.

ProtonMail Bridge


Proton Technologies AG

Splashtop SOS


Splashtop Inc.

SolarWinds Sftp Server


SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC.

Unity Player


Unity Technologies

For information on configuring Application Control please review these links: