Application Control Updates Release Notice

This is a notification for the latest Application Control 5.92 data update, which has been rolled out on the 26th April 2022

Application name Type Owner
RevoWorks Browser Browser J's Communication.Co., Ltd.
Zenrin ZView DocumentViewer Zenrin Electronic Housing Map Digitown
Veyon RemMan Veyon Solutions
NOW TV Player MediaPlayer Sky International AG
Doctolib CRMTool Doctolib SAS
MineCraft TLauncher Game TLauncher Inc.
PL/SQL Developer DesignTool Allround Automations
TunSafe VPN Proxy TunSafe AB, Sweden, {Ludvig Strigeus}
Grammarly for Windows BusinessIntelligenceTool Grammarly, Inc.
FSPro Labs - My LockBox SystemTool FSPro Labs
PDF Architect DocumentViewer pdfforge GmbH.
FSPro Labs - Hide Folder Ext SystemTool FSPro Labs
FSPro Labs - Hide Folder SystemTool FSPro Labs
OpenVPN Connect Proxy OpenVPN Inc
Adersoft VBSEdit SystemTool Adersoft 
MGI Services SystemTool Moneygram International, Inc.
WestByte Download Master DownloadManager WestByte
syngo fastView DocumentViewer Siemens Medical Solutions
SteelSeries GG TetheredConnTool SteelSeries ApS
EaseUS Partition Master SystemTool CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd
SoftEther VPN Bridge Proxy SoftEther
IZArc Archive ArchiveTool Ivan Zahariev
JioMeet VOIP Reliance Industries Limited
FreeFileSync Online

For information on configuring Application Control please review these links: 

  • Is there any update on this? We had one of our applications (OpenVPN Connect) also impacted as we could not allow it in the console.

  • For anyone interested, we found that if you uncheck the “NEW APPLICATIONS ADDED TO THIS CATEGORY BY SOPHOS” box for just the “Design Tool” category, have users get an update (right-click the Sophos icon in your system tray, choose About, then click update now) they are able to run PLSQL again.

    Will need to figure out if the new apps ever show up in the category and what to do with them, but for now a good way to not have to disable it all.

    We have a ticket open and have not received any updates as to an ETA.

  • Hi Alex,  thanks for your comment. If you are experiencing an issue with allowing a controlled application, please could you raise a Support case and one of our team will be very happy to assist you.

    regards,  Rick

  • There has been a delay in progressing the update into the Sophos Central environment. The updates should be complete soon.

  • PL/SQL developer has been added with this release on April 26th. Since April 27th it appears to have received an update with a potential bug, as they are now also detecting PLSQL Developer (without / between PL an SQL). Unfortunately the app  PLSQL Developer, which is detected and blocked (if set) by app control cannot be ALLOWED at all, as the app PLSQL developer is simply not present in the design tool options, but PL/SQL developer is present. So we end up with different detection, but only 1 option to ALLOW which makes the executable of PL/SQL developer app not usable to the users. Please fix that, only workaround is to disable App Control entirely to get the users working again.