Application Control Updates Release Notice

This is a notification for the latest Application Control 5.97 data update, which has been rolled out on the 22nd Nov 2022

Application name Type Owner
Multi Commander SystemTool Mathias Svensson
Canva DesignTool Canva Pty Ltd
CloudFlare WARP VPN Proxy Cloudflare, Inc.
Chromium Wave Browser Browser isign international
Asana Desktop for Windows SystemTool Asana,Inc
GoTo Desktop Client VOIP GoTo Group, Inc
TinyTake by MangoApps ScreenCapTool MangoApps
VPN Unlimited Proxy KeepSolid Inc.
RustDesk RemMan Purslane, Inc
FixMe.IT by Techinline RemMan Techinline Ltd
Clickteam Installer Game Clickteam LLC USA
ForceBindIP NetworkTool Richard Stanway
Sangfor Connect Proxy Sangfor Technologies Inc.
Pearson OnVUE Online Pearson Vue
Syncro BusinessIntelligenceTool RepairTech, Inc
LibreWolf Browser Mozilla Corporation
Box Drive Online Box, Inc.

Note : The skinning service skinning service for Chromium) has somehow got mixed in with the Wavesor Wave Browser, and they are not the same product. So we have introduced new long name "Chromium Wave Browser" for better classification.

As the “Wave Browser” identity is currently predominantly used to block the Wavesor product –  Now the customers should block the new long name "Chromium Wave Browser", if they want to block the Chromium skins as well.

These applications may get block if the default policy is set to block.

For information on configuring Application Control please review these links: