Application Control Updates Pre-release Notice

The following have been identified as applications that would benefit from some level of control and will be added to the existing list. 

Note: These applications will be automatically blocked for customers who have enabled the following optional setting in their Application Control policy for either Sophos Central or Enterprise Console:

  • Sophos Central: New applications added to this category by Sophos
  • Enterprise Console: All Added by Sophos in the future

If you don’t want new applications to be automatically blocked the above setting can be disabled.

This is a notification for the latest Application Control 5.96 data update, which is currently planned to be rolled out on the 11th Oct 2022 . Occasionally the list changes slightly before the release date, there will be a follow-up update on the release date to confirm it has been released.

Application name Type Owner
uTox IMClient uTox
ADSelfService Plus SecurityTool ZOHO Corp
LB Booster ProgrammingScriptTool R.T.Russell
Boxcryptor EncryptionTool Secomba GmbH
Naver Whale Browser Browser Naver Corporation
Action1 Remote Desktop RemMan Action1 Corporation
CaseWare Idea SystemTool CaseWare IDEA Inc.
DSI BILLING Govmail EmailClient Dsi Billing Services
MiniTool uTube Downloader DownloadManager MiniTool Software Limited
AnalogX PortMapper NetworkTool AnalogX, LLC
Naver Whale Browser Browser Naver Corporation

Important: Controlled Applications are sometimes re-evaluated by Sophos and raised in risk profile. Applications such as these may be moved from Application Controlled managed to be detected as Potentially Unwanted Application and blocked. The following Application are now being detected as PUA:

Application name Type Owner
PWDump7 PasswordDump

For more information on PPUA, please review KBA: Admin tool Detected as Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA)

For information on configuring Application Control please review these links: