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[edited by: Elias Collins - Sophos Product Management at 7:44 PM (GMT -8) on 27 Jan 2021]
  • I just installed this plugin today and cannot get it to stay connected. I go into the settings for the plugin and put in my API key and secret and it actually does say "Connected" and in using Fiddler, it does get a successful response from the Sophos API and gives me a valid token with expire time. 

    The problem seems to be related to the DB based on the response I got from the POST to the Automate endpoint when it is trying to INSERT into "plugin_sophos_central_pld_auth". The POST responds with a -9999 code. 

    This is further shown when I click out of the settings window and go back into it, the key and secret have disappeared. So it looks like it is just not saving them.

    I opened a ticket with ConnectWise and they said I would have to get with you guys. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Just wanted to give an update on this. I think this should be something that is added to the instructions. 

    The fix was after installing the plugin through Automate, you have to go assign the Sophos Plugin user class from within Automate. 

    There are two there. "Sophos Plugin Admin" and "Sophos Plugin User". I gave myself both, but I would think you have to have the admin one to configure the plugin.

  • Thank you very much for this William! This resolved the issue for me and got everything working. 

    Funny enough, 2 days later Sophos came back with the same suggested fix. 

  • To all whom struggled to interpret the above solution:

    You will need to go to CW Automate's User Manager, select your user, then under Permissions and User Classes, right-click and add the Sophos Plugin User and Sophos Plugin Admin entries into that list. Once added and saved, please retry the API credentials in the Sophos Central Plugin settings, and you should remain connected going forward. See the image attached for more information.

  • To further clarify the above, you will need to right-click the white space under User Classes in my screenshot above and then select "Sophos Plugin User/Admin" from the list. Add both then Save, relaunch Connectwise Control Center, and you should be all good.

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