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  • I just installed this plugin today and cannot get it to stay connected. I go into the settings for the plugin and put in my API key and secret and it actually does say "Connected" and in using Fiddler, it does get a successful response from the Sophos API and gives me a valid token with expire time. 

    The problem seems to be related to the DB based on the response I got from the POST to the Automate endpoint when it is trying to INSERT into "plugin_sophos_central_pld_auth". The POST responds with a -9999 code. 

    This is further shown when I click out of the settings window and go back into it, the key and secret have disappeared. So it looks like it is just not saving them.

    I opened a ticket with ConnectWise and they said I would have to get with you guys. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • We are also having this problem with a new setup. We are hosted with Automate but also get the initial connected status which then on a refresh goes back to disconnected. 

    We have raised a support ticket with Sophos, however, their initial answer was to send articles regarding the PSA sync which obviously has no relevance. 

  • Hi Adam, 

    Could you please also validate the API credentials are generated from the Partner account and the tenant accounts are not trials?

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