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452 Too many recipients in email

Hello everyone,

One of our client is used Sophos pure message for very long time and recently moves to Sophos central email advance. client using on-prem Microsoft exchange server 2010 and Sophos central email works perfectly until client face an issue sending email to 201 or more recipients in single email.

Particular user already has bulk email privileges and client is sending the emails as per the bulk email privilege limits. when user add exact 200 or less recipients email getting delivered as expect. but when add 200+ (201 or 202) Sophos central will not accept the email and it will be cued to exchange and never get cleared.

We have raise the support case under 07289636 2 months back and now case was handling GSS but still only they couldn't found any root cause of this issue. I would like to know any one in this forum has faced like this issue or any kind of help can we get to resolve this if it is on exchange server side.

Thank you and waiting for feedback!

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