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Does Sophos Email support policies at the header level?

We currently use a Sophos Email Appliance that is going EOL in July. I'm trying to see if Sophos Email will fit our needs. Does Sophos Email support rules to block email at the header level? We'd need to be able to block by keywords (string or expression) in the subject, body of the email, etc. In addition to that we'd need to be able to apply those rules to specific users, not globally. 

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  • Hello there,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community.

    Sophos Email has an Email Security Policy that can be customized to check for Keywords in the email; it can be either a Word or Phrase or a Regular Expression. You can specify by Subject and Body or Subject, Body, and attachments.

    Additionally, you can also filter by Message Size.

    You can filter further to which External Senders this will apply, and choose the action for what to do when the email sent, matches the policy.

    I would however recommend that you reach out to your Sales Engineer/Account Manager, asking for a Demo of the product, so they can help you resolve all of your questions


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  • Header Inspection, including Header Edit, Add Header, Strip Header is being rolled out globally. It is part of Data Control with the latest release.



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