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Sophos Central migrated SMIME EMAIL security policies do not work any longer

Dear community,

in our Sophos Central administration we noticed since 10.02.23 in EMAIL SECURITY, that Sophos migrated the SMIME policies for users, grouops and domains to a new section / category.

since 10.02.23 the SMIME policies do not work any longer, although we have activated the basic SMIME settings in "Settings".
The result is that the inbound Emails from partners are not recognized as SMIME and decrypted any longer . 
the EMAIL smtp logfile shows no SMIME Activity any longer when email is processed.

does anyone else in Europe have this error ?

We are quite in need of a solution for this, because we would have to inform all partners to turn off their automatic attachment of our SMIME public certs until Sophos Central starts to work again...

best regards

Matthias Edler

IT Dept. / hamburg

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