Sophos Email Banner "Allow Sender"

Hello All,

Clarifications on the Email Banners: We have received an external email and we clicked on the "Allow Sender" We get new emails from the same sender and the banner to Allow Sender or Block is still showing. Is that how it's suppose to work?

I was assuming once you added the sender to the Allow sender any future emails won't have the banner anymore. What am i missing? TY

  • Hello  

    As per the Smart Banners FAQs the banner would still show when below conditions match.

    External, Yellow Smart Banner (including Allow/Block links)

    • The sender is in the Allow list and passed the DMARC check, but the Trusted banner is turned off.
    • The sender is not in the Allow list and passed the DMARC check.
    • There is no DMARC policy set.
    • The sender does not have all three DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records.

    I've also tested within my setup and can confirm that even after allowing the sender, if "Trusted" banner from policy is disabled. I got External Yellow banner with option "Block Sender"

    First email:

    2nd test email, After clicking on "Allow Sender"

    Enabled "Trusted" banner within Policy:

    3rd Test emaiil after enabling "Trusted" banner

    Hardik R 
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