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Trying to Contact About Purchase + Some Questions


I am currently running the trial of Sophos Central Email Security. We had been using Barracuda up until now but recently we have been having issues and I am looking at alternatives.

I want to discuss the offering but all UK telephone numbers for Sophos are disconnected or say they are not in service. Not sure if the wrong numbers are in central but I can't reach out to Sophos to enquire about purchasing the product. I have filled out the web forms but no one has got back to me either.

That aside, I have also been trying to find out if the Sophos solution gives me the same functionality as Barracuda. Specifically what I'm used to with Barracuda is that all email is held for 30 days, no matter the reason specified when going through the system. RBL, spam, legitimate, whatever. I cannot find this in the Sophos solution as it seems to only keep headers, not the email itself unless it was quarantined. Is this something that is going to be offered?

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