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sophos_snd_quarantine folder in Outlook

Hi all !!

I have a situation where the Sophos email solution correctly allows the delivery of an email but in the outlook application it is received in a folder called sophos_snd_quarantine. Not finding that folder inside the outlook application.

Someone has presented a similar case for the identification and correction of it. Know what is causing this behavior.



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  • Hello there,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community.

    The sophos_snd_quarantine is the folder that Office/Outlook creates for Search and Destroy, when you enable this feature, this allows Central Email to scan emails that are in O365 user inboxes, in case there are new detections created POST delivery if the scanner finds the email has malicious components, it will put into the 'Logs & Reports >> Email Security >> Post Delivery Summary"  page, where you can either release the email or delete them.

    Only the  Central Email Admin user can release these emails, , they can be released by clicking on the Subject of the email, and clicking on the Release Button.

    The type of emails that end up in the snd are typically emails that contain now malicious URLs within the email itself. 


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  • Thank you very much for the prompt response, the information provided was very useful to me, so the response resolved this issue.

    I appreciate the attention.


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