3CX DLL-Sideloading attack: What you need to know

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E-mail Gateway malicious url e-mail allowed through

we have received an e-mail using an alias/send as from one of our domains. The e-mail was allowed through and leads to a malicious url. We have enabled the setting in E-mail Security to reject e-mails that impersonate one of our domains: 

Header anomalies
Email that appears to come from your own domain, but originates externally

Now it wasn’t rejected but as this sender does not match our spf or dmarc we feel it should have been quarantined next. It didn’t, not as far as I can see in the logs as it only gives delivered successfully.

Sophos Support claims it is a false positive and that I should send it to Sophos Labs. I can’t do anything with such support answers.

Questions: is send as / alias from a non-domain email adress using a send as / alias of one of our e-mail domains not picked up by:

a] header anomalies?

b] spf and dmarc settings?



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  • Hi LuCar Toni, 

    The ticket is 05122960. 

    Sophos needs to fix the logic. They need to check the sender IP and helo against the SPF and DMARC settings ot the FROM email domain. If they don't match, apply the SPF and DMARC settings,

    Any outside e-mail with a from domain corresponding to a protected own domain, not matching spf and dmarc should be treated as a header anomaly.

    malicious email should ofcourse be detected.



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