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Email Gateway fails delivering emails to external recipients in a distro list

We are experiencing an issue with the cloud gateway.

The product has been in service for about 36days and it seems for those 36 days no external partner has been able to receive emails from our distro list.

If we send an email to the distro they get it, however the emails from external partners and are failing on attempts to deliver to any external partner.

If I disconnect my O365 outbound connector, will the emails then pass thru O365 instead?
I've tried creating a new connector rule that has a few domains listed that are known to fail and set the transport to check for MX vs the relay.

That seems to not work either.

Anyone else facing similar issues that can shed some advice?

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  • I have disabled the O365 outbound connector. 

    However, as of this AM. The emails are still failing thru distro.

    My next thoughts are to undo the MX portion. However, will that break my inbound traffic?
    Just need to get my distro working again.

    Hate to do it, but looks like I will have to disable the sophos gateway till they can't get this resolved. 

  • Hello there,

    You can update the MX record of your O365 so the inbound email doesn't go through Central, which will leave you without protection.

    I would highly recommend you to reach out to your Sales Engineer, so they can assist you with a workaround and to double-check your send connectors for the emails in the DL that are not part of the domain protected by central.


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