Exempt a user from Email Gateway policy

I have a Company Wide policy that has settings for spam, smart banners, sender check, etc.

I created a second policy called Pass All that basically has no restrictions for one user (our CEO) who no longer wants Email Gateway to affect his mail or mail click throughs at all.

Whichever policy is on top seems to apply to everyone even though I have all employees except for our CEO added to Company Wide policy.  The policy underneath it is the Pass All policy that only has our CEO as an applied user.

The CEO still seems to have the Company Wide policy applied to him (spam is still being quarantined from his mail, he is still receiving smart banners, etc.) and if I put Pass All policy on top, then it applies to all other employees and no one receives filtering, smart banners, etc.

I understand that the top policy takes precedence, but is there a way I can exempt our CEO from the Company Wide policy?


  • Hello Damien,

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    Make sure the Policy for the CEO is on TOP and it’s Assigned to the CEO only, and that the Policy is Enforced.

    If it’s set up this way, you can open a Support Case to get this investigated,

    However, I think you could create two Policies:

    1.- CEO

    2.- Groups/Users

    3.- Base Policy

    Basically, the CEO policy will only have the CEOs user, then on the Groups/Users Policy you will need to include the rest of the users, and the Base Policy just leave it as it is.


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