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Sophos Central - Email - Hotmail domains Issues

Hello everyone, 

We need your help with Sophos Central Email, we are experience some intermittency issues and outbound email to hotmail domains, all mails sended shows with the status "Queued for Delivery" about a day Nov. 8, 2019


The zone of the Sophos Central - Email is US-EAST


Today, Monday 11th i've reviewed the sophos central Email Gateway log and it appears new mails on Queueing.


Thank you for all helps.

Best regards!!

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  • Hi  

    I am tracking this issue separately from my side. If you have a support ID, provide it to me. If not, I am still tracking this issue so don't worry.

    Edit: This has reduced very much and Emails should now be flowing properly to the Hotmail.


    Ex-Sophos Member

  • Hello Jaydeep,

    Confirm this, yeap correctly queued for delivery emails has reduced too much.


    Thanks for the all helps!


    Best Regards!

  • Hi  

    Thanks for the update.

    I also have a confirmation from our team that the issue has been completely resolved and post-incident observation did not indicate any further instances as such.


    Ex-Sophos Member