Sophos Email customers using IP-based mailflow rule connectors must migrate to certificate-based configuration by March 31st. To see if you're affected Click Here.

News: Feature update


Launching by the end of April, Sophos Email Advanced license customers will soon be able to add Smart Banners to any email received from outside the organization. These help recipients to identify the risk from each email and allows them to add senders to their allow and block lists with one click.

  • Simple colored grading system allows the recipient to quickly identify how trustworthy a sender/email message is – Trusted Sender (Green), Unknown (Yellow), Untrusted (Orange)
  • Grading based on sender checks performed by Sophos Email – Including SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and header anomaly analysis
  • Improves the end users experience by allowing them to update their personalized allow and block sender lists from within the email itself


  • All features listed in the article only apply to Sophos Email Advanced license customers
  • These features have been automatically added in Sophos Central, however, you are required to activate and define your custom policy settings via the policy section
  • No custom settings will be affected by this update