The email data loss prevention Early Access Program for Sophos Email Advanced is now live in Sophos Central. Joining this EAP will allow you to protect sensitive information, with discovery of financials, confidential contents, health information, and PII (Personally identifiable information) in all emails and attachments.

The data loss prevention EAP is available to any Sophos Email Advanced customer. Available in the Early Access Program section of Sophos Central, join the program to test the new features and send us your feedback.

Adding to the encryption launch and announced earlier in the year and recent enforced TLS connection update, DLP will enhance the existing content control policies already available with Sophos Email Advanced. With any existing content control rules automatically migrated to your new DLP policies. This provides a very powerful feature set, delivered simply through Sophos Central. Allowing customers to save time, managing data protection for email, alongside endpoint from a single management console.

Benefits of Sophos Email data Loss prevention and content control:

Flexible policy management

Expanding on content control filtering of inbound and outbound messages for keywords and file types, DLP now allows you to add new rule types for sensitive information and CCLs:

  • Protect important information with sensitive CCL-based policy templates to detect financials, confidential contents, health information, and PII (Personally identifiable information).
  • Create custom CCLs using Sophos Content Control Lists or customize out of the box templates for specific CCLs such as HIPAA, under Health Information, and PCI under Financial Information.
  • Plus, new regex support in keyword rules and the ability to import keywords.



Create custom rules

Simple to use policy wizards now allow you to define up to 50 rules per policy (25 inbound / 25 outbound), with new drag and drop tools to fine tune the priority order of rules:

  • Create multiple policies for groups and individual users.
  • Filter inbound and outbound messages for keywords and file types.
  • Apply new policy actions to re-direct inbound emails to a specified email-address, and encrypt outbound messages, or bounce them back to the sender with subject line tag.
  • This, in addition to existing content control actions to quarantine, delete or strip attachments from email messages. While rules now allow you to notify both the recipient and administrator of violations.



Clear reporting

Helping busy teams to simply understand the threats they face is what Sophos Email does so well, and DLP delivers powerful reports to that make tracking policy violations easy:

  • Search the past year of activity logs by sender, recipient, or DLP rule triggered.
  • Filter search results by date, direction (inbound or outbound), and rule category.
  • Even enroll users violating DLP policies directly into Sophos Phish Threat training programs to increase their awareness of data loss risks, as well as a complete range of cybersecurity threat awareness courses, and phishing simulation emails.



 All in, a very powerful feature, delivered simply – we hope you enjoy it.


How to take part

To join the Email Data Loss Prevention EAP simply log into Sophos Central > Select Early Access Programs > Select ‘Join’ > Accept the terms and get stated. Note: This EAP is only available to existing Sophos Email Advanced accounts.


Where to send your feedback

Please provide all feedback about this early access program in our Sophos Email Community Forum.