What’s new

As a Sophos Central Email customer, you can opt for custom branding of your encrypted messages and the encryption portal with your company logo, if you have the portal encryption license. All relevant sections of the web portal and encrypted messages can be branded for your company logo and colors.

Additionally, many other features are available as part of custom branding, such as – the ability to customize notifications with company address and contact information, recall messages, allow recipients to log in using social connectors, and many more.

How does it look

The following example screenshot gives a glimpse into how the custom branded encryption portal and messages look. In the case of this example, the company name is “Fictitious Company” and the name of the portal chosen is “FC Secure Message”. Please note that personally identifiable information has been redacted from the screenshots.

Screenshot of the encryption web-portal


Screenshot of an encrypted message received by the recipient


How to apply

A customer with the license can apply for custom branding by filling out a simple provisioning form to provide the logo and colors required to brand the encrypted messages and the encryption portal. Please get in touch with your sales representative or partner to get the provisioning form. In the form, you can also opt for the features you would like to offer your senders or recipients. Once you have filled up the form, please submit it to us through your sales representative. Once the form is submitted, it will take 5 to 7 working days to complete custom branding for your account.

New to Portal Encryption

If you are new to Portal Encryption, please check with your sales representative whether you are still in time to benefit from the promotional offer that we offered at the time of the launch of this feature.