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News: Feature update



Sophos Email Content Control is now live and has been added to all Sophos Email Advanced accounts.


Content Control for Sophos Email Advanced makes is easy to quickly build content filtering policies across your organization, preventing outbound email data loss and inbound malware threats. Define which file types are allowed on inbound email, and which file types are allowed outbound. Block inbound .exe and .js to decrease your risk of receiving malware via email. Allow outbound .doc .xls but block inbound .zip so that users can't send large volumes of data over email.


Key features

  1. Filter inbound and outbound messages for keywords and file types
  2. Identifying specific keywords in email subject lines, message content and file names
  3. Define custom keyword lists and file types, or choose from the Sophos recommended file types
  4. Quarantine, delete or strip attachments from email messages to prevent data leaks and malware threats
  5. Create multiple policies for groups and individual users



Top three benefits

  1. Prevent data loss
    Control sensitive information leaving the organization by scanning all emails for keywords and file types. Flexible setup gives you complete control to create individual user and group polices, identifying specific keywords in email subject lines, message content and file names. Blocking sensitive information from leaving the organization.

  2. Stop hidden malware
    Superior malware protection blocks hidden threats that use forged file names to look safe. Phishing attackers often mask the true identity of email attachments to slip malware past traditional email security protection, making malware protection a challenge for organizations. Sophos Email True File Type detection looks beyond simple file name blocking, analyzing multiple attributes of a file to identify malicious files masquerading as safe documents.

  3. Reduce the risk from phishing imposters
    Automate phishing imposter defenses with keyword filters to block or quarantine sent emails. Phishing emails impersonating senior executives or trusted suppliers often request employees transfer employee records, payroll information and other sensitive data via email. Reduce the risk of employees sending this information by creating custom keyword filters to block or quarantine email messages and remove attachments before you get phished.



  • All features listed in the article apply to Sophos Email Advanced license customers only
  • Sophos Email Advanced customers who took part in the Content Control Early Access Program (EAP) will retain any policies created during the EAP
  • These features have been automatically added in Sophos Central, however, you are required to activate and define your custom policy settings via the policy section
  • No custom settings will be affected by this update