Sophos Email customers using IP-based mailflow rule connectors must migrate to certificate-based configuration by March 31st. To see if you're affected Click Here.

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming February releases for Sophos Email on Central – Emergency Inbox, and a new Central dashboard and reports.

What’s changing and how you’ll benefit?

The Emergency Inbox: In Sophos Email today, if your cloud email service provider experiences disruption or an outage, Sophos Email safeguards your email, automatically queuing mail until the server comes back online. With the Emergency Inbox, users will have access to those mails in their self-service portal for as long as the outage continues and stay productive.

New dashboard and reports: This update brings a more consistent Central experience with email security status reports presented alongside endpoint, mobile, web and wireless. 

We’ll add three reporting views:

  1. A Quick Summary tile on the main Sophos Central Dashboard:
    Showing total mails scanned and a breakdown of legitimate email, spam and viruses detected in the past 30 days

  2. Message History Log:
    Search mails by sender, recipient or subject, and view status for each mail including Accepted, Success, Quarantined or Failure states

  3. Message Summary Report:
    Shows email estate health by filtering total messages per day to view Scanned mails, Legitimate mail, and those detected as spam or found to contain viruses

When will the updates take place?

These new features will be added in two separate updates; The Emergency Inbox in the first half of February 2017, and new dashboard and reports added in late February.  These will automatically apply to all Sophos Email accounts with further information available after the release.