Sophos Cloud Optix customers may have received an email from AWS regarding the upcoming EOL of support for Node.js 8.10 runtime for Lambda functions. The Sophos Cloud Optix service used Node.js 8.10 until December 9, 2019.

Since Node.js versions are deprecated frequently by AWS for Lambda, we have now changed the Cloud Optix Lambda functions to use Python, instead of Node.js. The version of Python that the Cloud Optix Lambda functions now use (version 3.8) is planned to be supported for AWS Lamdba until October 2024. We have already updated the Cloud Optix AWS on-boarding script, so any AWS accounts added to the service since December 9, 2019, will already be using the new Cloud Optix Lambda function.

Current status
If you added AWS environments to Cloud Optix before December 9, 2019, we have provided a script that will upgrade your setup to use the new Lambda functions. Further information is detailed in What to do section.

Note: We recommend upgrading your deployments before February 3, 2020. After this date, code updates to existing Lambda functions that use node.js 8.10 will no longer be allowed by AWS. 

What to do
1. Download the following script

curl -s -o

2. Run the script for each AWS environment in your Cloud Optix account


Note: Running the script requires IAM admin level permissions. Alternatively, you can use a custom role with a specific set of permissions. See Permissions needed to add an AWS environment in the Cloud Optix online help.