Dashboard suggestions regarding health check and search


just a quick and dirty mockup of some things I think would make sense:

I feel like these would be great QoL improvements.


~ Ben

  • Thank you for the feedback.  Are there specific search functionalities you would like to see to help optimize the results? I.E. A specific device or policy?  

  • Thank you for seeking further insights.

    To illustrate how the search functionality could be enhanced, consider the following scenarios:

    1. Device Search:

      • User inputs a device name.
      • Upon selection, the system navigates directly to the device's dedicated page.

    2. User Search:

      • Inputting a username yields the corresponding profile.
      • Selecting the profile leads to the user's detailed page.

    3. Policy Search:

      • Entering the policy name directs the user straight to that specific policy.

    4. Settings Search:

      • For instance, typing "Global exclusions" should present relevant results.
      • A click would then guide the user directly to the appropriate menu option.

    Importantly, the search functionality should incorporate fuzzy searching. This ensures that even when searching for substrings or making minor typographical errors, the system remains forgiving and efficient. Additionally, there are certainly more areas from which this search functionality could pull data, broadening its utility and effectiveness.

  • Thank you for the detailed suggestions!  I will be sharing this with our team for future feature enhancement considerations.  

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