Sophos Central , possible to edit base policies?


Is it possible to edit the base policies, so that we don't have to change a policy manually every time we create a new Customer?

Using a Global template forces us to manually go into the settings to add the new customer to the template, so then we still have to do the manual "labour".

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    You can edit and assign base policies to users, groups or devices. In addition, Base policies are a set of predefined settings that Sophos Central applies to protected users, devices, or servers. Each feature has its base policy, initially configured by Sophos with best practice settings. The base policy is always available and used if no other policies have been activated. You can leave the base policy unchanged for some features, such as threat protection. However, you must edit the base policy to set up the feature for features like application control or peripheral control, which are more specific to your network. It's important to note that the base policy can't be disabled or deleted.

    Please refer to this article for reference: Edit a base policy.
    These steps help you to edit the based policy: 
    Click a template on the Global Templates page.
    Go to Base Policies.

    You see a list of base policies.

    Find the base policy you want to edit and click it.

    In the base policy, use the tabs to:

    Assign the base policy.
    For example, assign it to specific users, groups or devices.
    Enter settings for the base policy. See the help topic for that base policy type.
    Turn on or turn off the base policy.
    Please refer to this article to get an in-depth idea regarding the policy:
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    Global Digital Endpoint Security Engineer
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