Sophos Central Public Update Cache using FQDN


i have many endpoints that can't update from sophos cloud (restricted network)
I have installed update cache on one of my servers its internal IP let's say 10.X.X.X and the hostname is myserver.internal.local and this server also has a public static IP assigned let's say 6.X.X.X and it has a public domain pointing to that server let's say

the problem is that the endpoints are on completely different network not on the same region as the update cache

is there any way i can make sophos central distributes the public domain or the public IP to the endpoints instead of the internal of the hostname

Because when i installed a cache the rest of endpoints got the update cache by hostname (myserver.internal.local ) which is non resolvable from the site i have those endpoints

My scenario is the same as this one

Please note that i don't have nor i can't setup a site-to-site VPN

I only needs my endpoints to have an update cache that's reachable publicly as

I opened a ticket with the support but i am getting no help they only thrown me a KB articles which i have read thousand times

Please Help

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