Sophos UTM: Decommissioning of obsolete URL categorization services CFFS. Click here for important info.

The following is a summary of the latest platform updates, now available in Sophos Central:

New Features:

  • Sophos Central Co-branding: Partner and Customer Admins can now upload a company logo to be displayed to customer end users in the Central Self-Service Portal, the Self-Service welcome email, and the Central Admin welcome email. View the screenshot at the bottom of the post for a preview.


  • On the Sophos Central Admin People and Devices pages, common operations performed on the list view (filtering, sorting, or search) are preserved so that you can navigate around the application without having to re-apply these operations upon returning to the list view.


  • Sorting by 'Name' on the People list page is now case-insensitive.
  • Fixed a typo in alerts related to Guest VM agents.

We love to hear your feedback in the comments! 

  • You need to fix the Salesforce for Outlook Cryptolocker false positive,   This has been going on WAY too long and nothing is being done.   Also Caller check ecploit detection needs to be disabled until you learn how the detection actially works and it doesn't light up like a christmas tree every time someone uses Excel.