We're happy to announce that we’ve begun release of a new feature “Expand Multi-Factor Authentication Coverage” available for Super Admins via Partner, Enterprise, or Central Dashboards. This feature gives Central admins the ability to opt-in to requiring comprehensive MFA prompts for all Sophos applications. Once enabled, your users will see MFA prompts where they didn’t see them before. For example, MFA prompts if users try to log into Self Service Portal, Sophos ID (landing page), Sophos Community, Partner Portal, Sophos Support, and more. Since it is an opt-in, you can increase the login security for users at your organization's own pace without risk of interrupting critical business activity. More information in the online docs here.

The release is gradual so some may not see the option immediately, but all should see it in the within the next two weeks. 

Figure 1 [green box above not in UI, added to highlight new functionality]

Since second factor authentication helps keep you secure we encourage you to expand MFA coverage for your organization as soon as possible. As always, please pass along any questions or feedback you have on this cool new feature!