Clarification on Unix Timestamp Precision in API Requests

Hello Sophos Community and Support Team,

I am currently integrating Sophos API into our security systems and encountered a scenario where millisecond precision in Unix timestamps might be crucial for our application's accuracy and functionality.

I would like to understand the expected format for Unix timestamps in API requests, specifically whether the Sophos API can accept and correctly process decimal Unix timestamps that include milliseconds. Our application deals with data that require high time precision, and understanding this aspect of the API is critical for our implementation.

Here are my specific questions:

  1. Does the Sophos API accept Unix timestamps with millisecond precision (e.g., 1712225919.039) in requests?
  2. If the API does accept decimal Unix timestamps, how does it process the fractional part to ensure the precision is maintained in operations?
  3. In case the API does not support decimal values in Unix timestamps, what is the recommended approach to handle scenarios where millisecond precision is needed?

Thank you for your assistance. Understanding these nuances will greatly aid in optimizing our integration and ensuring it aligns with our application's requirements.