Need API Endpoint or Request XML Payload Format for Checking VPN Tunnel Status on Sophos XGS


We are looking for assistance in retrieving the status of VPN tunnels on a Sophos XGS running version 19. Our goal is to check the status of the VPN tunnels from a Linux machine using the Sophos API. We have already enabled the API on the Sophos XGS, and we have allowed the IP address of the Linux server for API access.

Despite searching through the documentation, we have been unable to find the specific API endpoint for retrieving VPN tunnel status. We are seeking guidance on the API endpoint or the request XML payload format required to retrieve this information.

We would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide in helping us retrieve the VPN tunnel status using the Sophos API. If you could provide us with the necessary API endpoint or the appropriate XML payload format for our request, it would be incredibly helpful.

Here is an example of the curl command we have been using, but we are unsure about the specific endpoint and payload format to retrieve the VPN tunnel status:

curl -k -u user:'pass' -X GET 'ip:port/.../nodes....
curl -k -u user:'pass' -H "Accept: application/xml" "">ip:port/.../APIController

Thank you in advance for your support and guidance.

Best regards, Matjaž