API call counts

How does the API call counts? Let say Im querying the endpoints... is it per endpoint?

Is there a way to monitor the API call counts?

  • Hi Billy, are you referring to number of items returned in an API response or tracking the actual number of API requests sent into us?


    If it's the former, we do put the counts at the bottom of the API response:

    Example counts for endpoints:

    "pages": {
    If you inquiry is around tracking API requests into our platform, we don't provide a count for that, but if it exceeds our threshold you would receive a 429 error.  Below are the current thresholds for API requests.
    1 second  - 10 API calls
    1 minute  - 100 API calls
    1 hour     - 1000 API calls
    1 day      - 50,000 API calls