Sandboxie settings support for Chromium browsers

Hi all,

Sandboxie allows certain browsers to directly access the bookmarks and setting preferences while sandboxed. So if I add new bookmarks in a sandboxed session, it will appear in a non-sandboxed session.

However, I noticed this control is only available the popular browsers listed in the program (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, IE) and some obscure, less popular browsers like Comodo Dragon, Seamonkey, and Vivaldi.

The controls do not extend to other browsers not listed, like Brave (which is gaining traction). I realized this when I saved some bookmarks in a Brave sandboxed session (via Forced Programs), deleted my sandbox, and realized it was gone permanently.

As a feature request -- would it be possible to have Sandboxie detect non-Chrome, but Chromium based browsers (or even browsers not listed in program) and enable them to directly access resources like bookmarks?