[REWRITTEN] How can I allow an outside program to access programs inside the sandbox?

I want a launcher to be able to access programs in the sandbox. The launcher thinks the programs crashed when they're isolated, so I lose functionality. I tried the Resource Access settings but I don't think I did it properly since it didn't work. For example, I tried Window Access and put in the class from WinSpy of the unsandboxed launcher, but it didn't work.

The launcher also crashes when I sandbox it so that's not an option sadly.

  • Yes! Got it working. 

    Sandbox Settings -> Resource Access -> Window Access 

    Click "Add Program" and choose the unsandboxed program.

    Afterward, click the other "Add" button (which is underneath "Add Program") and type *


    According to the wiki:

    "This setting tells Sandboxie to not translate window class names as described above, and also makes all windows in the system accessible to sandboxed programs, and goes a step further to disable a few other windowing-related Sandboxie functions. This may also cause the Sandboxie indicator [#] to not appear in window titles.

    Note that OpenWinClass=* allows full communication with all windows outside the sandbox, but may interfere with some drag-and-drop operations."


    Since I specified my launcher, the sandboxed programs shouldn't be able to access ALL other windows right?... Are there any other alternatives that only allow one-way communication from the launcher to the sandboxed program? *'s description seems to suggest that it allows two-way communication. If the sandboxed program is infected, does that allow it to infect the launcher and open the door to the rest of my computer?

     (I have those sandboxed programs set as High Restricted in my Antivirus just in case though.)