Trouble with Firefox v77.0.1



I recently installed Sandboxie and am running into issues with Firefox. Here are a few strange things I've seen

1. When I choose to force start Firefox in Sandboxie, Firefox doesn't work. The browser starts in Sandboxie but no webpages load, as if there's no internet connection

2. So I can only start Firefox in Sandboxie by running the "run web browser Sandboxed" application. However, it seems that whenever I try to open a new window, the new window runs into issue #1, no websites load.

3. Some breakage within the browser. The tabs are not neatly side by side but random empty gaps appear between them.

4. Some breakage with websites. Not sure what's exactly happening but some webpages don't load correctly.

    - I also tried running with Chrome and it all works fine with chrome except for #4, where I've noticed some webpages also don't load correctly.


Firefox details:


I have a few extensions:

Bitwarden, NoScripts, multi-container, uBlock, adBlock, decentraleyes, HTTPS everywhere, privacy badger, autocookie delete, clean URL.

(For site breakage, I made sure it wasn't because of my firefox settings since I also saw it happen on Chrome. My chrome is a clean default install).


Thank you.