Chrome does not remember websites in sandbox

For several weeks now, Chrome is not remembering website logins. I have to login each time to websites each time after I restart the browser. Curiously, one site remembers me and one site remembers my 2FA code so I don't have to enter it (but I do have to enter my password). I have ensured that Chrome is not set to clear cookies upon exit. Before this time, LinkedIn and other sites remembered me and I did not have to login each time I restarted the browser.

This problem does not occur outside of the sandbox. Sandboxie 5.33.3. I tried to download 5.33.6, but I got this message after I completed the form: "We’re sorry. Your request requires further validation before we can proceed." I tried download in Chrome and Firefox, but I got the same message. I'm a home user.

  • Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome is OFF
  • Allow sites to save and read cookie data is ON
  • Auto Sign-in (Automatically sign in to websites using stored credentials) is ON
  • Save passwords is OFF (I use a password manager extension)
  • Extensions: 1Password, Google docs offline (disabled), Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Tried deleting Google profile in Chrome and set it up again, but that did not help

How can I get Chrome to remember my websites in the sandbox?

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