Old Forums Local Backup

This is a local backup of the old forums that includes all 111k post you can view on your pc. I made this backup since the old forums will be perma nuked around fall. I'm in the process of making an online static backup so google can index it. I will update when I get around to it. 

To the admins of this site, I ask that you check this backup and if you approve sticky this post so Sandboxie users will have access to the old forum, even after fall when you delete the current archive.


Using the backup:

1. Unzip the file, it will prob be slow since it compressed 1.3gb to 266mb

2. If you're using windows explorer set the sorting to name and run the file !index.shortcut if in list mode it should be the 7th file down.

3. If you don't want to use the shortcut the index.html file is the 19th file down.

I only made the shortcut named with ! in front because the way symbols sort files in directory opus.


Name: Sandboxie old-forums local backup.zip
Size: 279911245 bytes (266 MiB)
SHA256: 0BDA3715A9309F722583463DA532C69E44CDDE76D640076E71951C32DC38C817

Use the SHA256 for the Virus Total scan or use your file compression software to get the SHA256 make sure it matches the 1 I listed then check search for it on Virus Total.