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Announcing Sandboxie 5.33.6 release and open source update

We are happy to say that we have made some progress towards making Sandboxie an open source tool. We are releasing an updated version that will help us prepare for the transition.  We are hoping that the Community will provide feedback.  Details, links, and an update on the project are included below.

We are proud to announce the latest Sandboxie version:


SandboxieInstall32-533-6.exe (32-bit only):{51889F7F-8E25-4A05-B3D2-A8B05B989400}

SandboxieInstall64-533-6.exe (64-bit only):{B15DECBE-8D8C-4374-A73C-7095D2473FB8}


What are we releasing?

  • This build does not come with new features. However, several bits of code were stripped away in order to prepare for releasing the source code to the community.
  • We are not making this an “official” build. The main will not be updated until we are confident that this build works for all.

Why are we doing this?

  • We want to provide you a preview of what will be generated and gather your feedback.
  • While we have done our best to test general use cases, we wanted to get feedback on this version to ensure it performs as expected for the various use cases that our users have.

How to provide feedback

  • Please provide feedback in the thread below.

Details on the upcoming Source Code release:

We are busy preparing details on how to build your own Sandboxie builds. However, the task is not trivial and unlike many open source projects in the world, to do it right requires some specialized software and tools that are not commonly available.

Anticipated requirements and dependencies:

  • All of our builds are compiled with Visual Studio 2015. We have verified that it’s possible to compile with the Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (which is free).
  • Compiled binaries executables need to be signed. Specifically, the Sandboxie driver (aka sbiedrv.sys) must be signed with a valid (read: commercially available) certificate by the developer and also by Microsoft in order to deploy it. While it is possible to use a driver that is self-signed, it cannot be deployed unless the OS is run in Test mode.
  • There will be additional dependencies that will need to be downloaded. Instructions will be provided with appropriate links. This is needed to compile the binaries and the installer.


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