Sandboxie 5.33.3 now available for download

Hi all,

We have published Sandboxie 5.33.3. Please download from

This fixes the issue mentioned a part of 5.33.2 where browser downloads fail if Windows Search is turned off. 



  • in addition to those other errors that have been reported for some versions now, which i also reported and want fixed, do you know sandboxie claims there is no update?  for some versions now, not only has it not informed, but if click to check for updates, it will say the sandboxie website does not report a new version!  i only saw due to ccleaners's healthcheck said there was an update.   i think it stopped reporting updates when sandboxie company was taken over.

    i have windows 10. just windows defender.

  • I don't want to pound on Sophos since in my view they are apparently being very generous offering Sandboxie for free, agreeing to release it to opensource (although not clear why that doesn't seem to be happening yet) and even apparently trying their best to fix bugs.  After all not only is it theirs, but they are still hosting this forum.  They don't have to do that.

    So thank you again to Sophos for your support and generosity.

    I think Sophos will take complaints no matter what they do.  If they do fixes they will be blamed by those for whom it made things worse, and if they don't do them the people who wanted the fixes in the first place will complain.

    But I think it would be a good idea to be careful about fixes and updates.  If Sophos staff is not able to devote the time needed to do them to their usual standards, maybe you should not do them at all.  Don't want to make things worse for a lot of users in an attempt to create a hasty fix for a problem.

    I have not been following things since the spinoff was announced so I don't know what is the most stable version.  But based on the comment here, I'll take a chance with 5.31.6 and downgrade now since it doesn't look like this is going to be quickly addressed.  Apparently that version has a chance of eliminating this specific problem.

    My plan is to just install it over my currently installed 5.33.3 and let 'er rip.  Fast and dirty.  Wish me luck!



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  • As you can read in your linked thread, 5.33.6 was not made an official build, so 5.33.3 is the last version from Sophos, before source code of 5.40 was made public (no exe, only source code).

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