Firefox won't run in sandboxie

Today i wanted to use firefox in sandboxie just because i wanted to browse sites without damaging my computer, but i just got an error as shown below:

Any ideas why?

(Im currently using Firefox 73.0.1, if that helps.)

  • Just out of curiosity - do you have a tor bundled browser on your host pc ?

    I had a similar issue, it took me a while to figure out what had happened - i could no longer clear nor delete the Firefox container - i keep all apps in their own respective sandboxie 

    i noticed that tor was launching the firefox browser and not the one bundled with it  and in its own sandboxie container or at least if it did, it still was misallocating the data into the host's own firefox ~/.profile 

    Either way you're gonna have to see if anything needs to be recovered and clean out the container meant to host the files for your mozilla and check if it needs an upgrade before relaunching a fresh one with the latest version of FF.  

  • I had a problem with 76.0.1 not running sandboxed, although no error messages. I reinstalled and recovered my setting via sync and all was well; other than my Toolbar customisations were lost. Maybe a new profile would be sufficient.