Firefox constant 25% cpu usage in SANDBOXIE

Sandboxie 5.31.6 x64 on Windows 10 1909, FF 70.0.1 x64, similar issues I have reported previously in windows 7 and windows 10 1809.  Firefox safemode does not fix this... resetting firefox does not fix this, deleting sandbox and starting with a default profile does not fix this. It always happens after loading a number of tabs at once, say 4-12 tabs of that recreated it for me. Other times it just starts randomly. Setting Firefox Sandbox to 0 does not fix this. Running firefox outside of sandboxie fixes this.



  • Are you opening the same tabs and using Firefox for the same duration when unsandboxed? If yes, what is your CPU usage unsandboxed?

  • I did everything possible to try recreate this problem. Even loading a portable version of firefox in the same (or new) sandbox causes the same problem, even if I don't load any tabs it will often start after about 30 seconds with no warning, almost like on a timer.

    Without sandboxie I see 0.1 - 5% cpu browsing, hd movies 8-10%, only short fluctuations above this.  In sandboxie, once it is triggered, even if you have one empty tab it will consume 25% of the CPU's electricity constantly.

    I've ditched sandboxie for firefox until this is fixed

  • I get 0% CPU at idle with latest FF and Sandboxie with Windows 10 1809. The only other thing I would have pointed to is an addon that's conflicting with SB but I assume safemode disables the addons. You might consider disabling your AV and anything else that you might have running in the background.


    PS: Why does this forum break up words with hyphens? "ad-don"?

  • Just realized I didn't have any tabs open when I checked my CPU usage. So with 11 tabs open and a YT video playing at 720P I get between 5 to 6% CPU usage while sandboxed.

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