Outlook call a browser that is already open in Sandboxie

There is still a problem with Microsoft outlook, when I click on a link and my browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.) is already open(in Sandboxie 5.31.6) and I am logged into my dashboard or Facebook or PayPal

Outlook will no longer pass the link 

This started with Sandboxie 5.31.4 

My only work around it to open Chrome for instance to the google search page, then I can click on outlook links and they will open>

Or just click on a link in outlook and it opens Chrome (My default) browser, I can then open all my other site that require log ins.

Can anyone look at this problem, I have several clients complaining about it

Thank you

Bill e. Barrett

  • I have a similar problem: 

    (while having the default browser - Vivaldi/Chromium - opened in a sandbox // while using Outlook normally, so not sandboxed)

    when clicking on a link in Outlook 2003, it opens a default browser window (which is Vivaldi, sandboxed) for a second, then the browser window disappears. 

    I am only able to open a link from an email in the sandboxed browser by editing the email message, copying from there the link URL and then pasting it into the sandboxed browser.

    If I first close all instances of the default sandboxed browser, then I can open the link from the email normally: it opens automatically in a non-sandboxed browser window.

  • An Interesting thing I discovered, If you open a browser that has a web page that you have to log into, Outlook will not be able to pass the link.
    I found that I usually open Chrome to the Chrome search page and then open outlook. Try closing your bowsers and open an Outlook link

    This usually resolved the issue.
    SOPHOS seems to be very reluctant to fix Chrome issues. 

  •  Thank you! I will try that! 

    In the meantime, I have, I think a clear explanation about the problem that I described here above: 

    I tried to open the browser in NON-sandboxed version, while the browser was also open in sandboxie.
    What happened? It was not possible to open it! It opened for 0,5 sec. and then closed itself.
    I saw a very short message (that dissappeared too soon to be able to read it exactly) that was saying something like "cannot access profile"

    What does this all mean? 
    I presume the following:

    1) I setup in sandboxie that the browser CAN access its own profile files OUTSIDE the sandbox (incl. bookmarks, etc.)
    2) Now the non-sandboxed browser cannot open and says something about accessing profile not possible.

    so I think the non-sandboxed browser cannot access its profile files because they are blocked (write protected?) in an unusual way, and so it needs to close.

    Probably, Sandboxie determines another way of behaving, then if I would simply have two instances of the same browser open. It probably blocks someway those browser profile files, and this is obstructing the non sandboxed instance of the browser to use them.

    What could be the solution? 

    I presume, I would need to have outlook deterimined to open its links in the SANDBOXED browser, and not outside it. But how? Is there a way to determine any link clicked in windows to automatically open in a sandboxie contained browser? 

  • The trick is to open the outlook sandboxed. Then close it and reopen it again sandboxed. Click on a link and it will open up a sandboxed default browser or a new tab on already opened sandboxed browser.