Sandboxie 5.31.4 is dead

Well this morning in the early hours my windows 10 Pro upgraded to  1909 and Sandboxie will not run
It is dead
SOPHOS your company sucks, it is unquestionable despicable, you killed a product that is better that anything you had to offer
 This should put an end to this discussion group 

Bill e. Barrett
Remote Desktop Services

  • Hello Bill,

    Sorry to hear your issues.

    What build of Windows 10 got installed? We have been playing around with the "Release Preview" build 18363 where we see a problem but haven't been able to get Symbols from Microsoft's symbol server to help us debug it.

    Once we get an official build from Microsoft, we should be able to resolve this quickly and publish a new version.

  • I've tested Sandboxie 5.31.4 in 1909 18363.388 and it didn't work. I'm not sure, but i think it was a token error.

    Now, i'm back on 1903 18362.418 and i've activated all 1909 features with mach2 ( ) and Sandboxie works fine.

    For the upgrade to 1909 18363.418 you need to install a small update (KB4517245 - 20kb size). This activates all already in 1903 existing features of 1909 and changes the bild-number.


    I did the same with mach2 and the feature id 20455539, but this only enabled all features without changing the build-number and Sandboxie still works so.

  • The version that is : Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.418)

    Did the updates and it has not changed a thing

    AFter reinstalling Sandboxie 5.31.4
    SBIE1222 Error with security token: [C0000058 / 62]
    SBIE1222 Error with security token: [C0000022 / 61]
    SBIE2314 Canceling process Start.exe [6936 / 12]

  • i am running windows 10-1903 build 18362.418 (latest updates installed) and sandboxie seems to be running OK on my computer (except that i am not seeing the "sandboxie (#) indicator" in my google-chrome "titlebar," probably because it doesn't seem to have a titlebar).

  • When you windows 10 1903 do the upgrade to 1909 the fall major update your sandboxie will not longer run, unless they fix it

    I have been running 1903 up until today when I got upgraded, it is dead

  • It is VERY good to read that a new version should be coming. I still cannot find anything to successfully replace Sandboxie [:'(]

  • You can uninstall kb4517245 und you are back on 1903 with working sandboxie. As i already mentioned above, this 20kb update just enables the existing 1909 features and if you really need these features, you can unlock them on another way till a new working sandboxie version will be released.

  • The point is I'm noting going backwards and sit around waiting for SOPHOS to do what they should have done, "Been working on the issues"

    1909 is coming and for me it is here and Sandboxie which I have been using since version 2.0.

    When issues occured  it was address, or at least I was told if was a know problem and that the author was addressing it.

    That is why I used Sandboxie and when it get fixed I'll start u sing it again.

    BTW I have purchased several hundred lifetime licenses for clients and that at this point was a waste

    I do not like to waste my money

  • Glad to hear you plan to upgrade it so that it will work with 1909. 

    I read about Sandboxie's incompatibility with 1909 in this forum a couple of weeks ago. Due to this information I moved most of my PCs to free Comodo Internet Security. It has a sandbox that is reasonably configurable.

    I used Sandboxie with the container file in a ram disk. It was more secure and it offered less wear on the SSD. Comodo Internet Security does not have this flexibility. To the good, CIS gives me no problems with Chrome where Sandboxie gave me error messages I had to suppress and, weirdly, sluggish performance on 1 PC for no apparent reason. 

    I'm not sure if I will move any back after Sandboxie is fixed for 1909. I'll probably wait until it looks less like abandonware before making another time investment in it. I'm a 10 year user of Sandboxie, more or less.